Our Square One Pilsner is a perfect beer to have in your hand while mingling at a party or the best way to finish off a workday while you sink into your couch. With its dry, well-balanced taste, medium body and naturally hazy appearance, this refreshing, light in colour beer is perfect for any occasion.


Vienna is Waiting is our Vienna lager with medium body, a warm amber colour, a hint of malt and a dry finish.  These factors combine to create a tasty, refreshing beer that makes you want to slow down, dream on and imagine yourself that much closer to the beautiful mountains of Austria. Vienna is waiting....



Our India Pale Lager is brewed with lots of goodness - a heavy addition of new world hops near the end of the boil, a lager yeast to ferment it and then a dry hop just before packaging.  The result is a delightfully delicious beer with an aroma reminiscent of tropical fruits. Hop Miner IPL has low bitterness so it can be enjoyed by all beer drinkers. Cheers!